Sunday, 23 August 2009

we had a field day...

Confident upon arrival, as all Brits are when approaching a festival that the skies will open to allow every one too have a wonderful time, watching bands and drinking beer whilst catching some rays. However on cue, 10 minutes post arrival, the rain came. Rather than the picturesque scene we were hoping for we saw a sea of wayfarers and doc martins stampeding from tent to tent diving for shelter.

Perfect timing for The Horrors on main stage. The Horrors sang material from their acclaimed second album Primary Colours, delivering an effortless performance. Their contemporary retro-goth sound complimented by silhouettes of skinny jeans and perfectly combed hair really was spell-binding.

Next on the scribbled agenda was Little Boots. Little Boots wowed not only with her cutting edge electro-synth pop sound but her T-Bag sequined dress definitely deserves a mention. The perks of being press also meant that whilst drying our hair in the ladies toilets(yep they have hand dryers…and mirrors!) we bumped into her stumbling out of the cubical. Of course we got her to strike a pose for our celeb Polaroid collection.

Soon the rain started to clear, this seemed like a good time to check out the alternative activities field day had to offer.

A few egg and spoon races later, been beaten miserably in a tug of war and a quick wrestle in the hay we dived straight into a sea of horse masks and dancing lunatics for Erol Alkan. He created a truly unbelievable atmosphere with a nose tickling baseline and energetic electro beats, which left him with a howling cry for an encore. With a quick sprint in the rain to Rusko, into what was the highlight of the day for me; was a screaming crowd of people ‘getting low’. His energetic set involved a stage dive into the crowd, where he stayed for the remaining few minutes of the song jumping on crazed fans covering them in his white face paint, which was dripping from his pores.

We had a bit of time before Santigold so we decided to venture into the disco tent in the VIP, this was where the truly great music was. We had a boogy to 90s pop classics and the best in old school garage and R’n’B, this truly was the coolest place to be. After what ended up being an hour of embarrassing drunken dancing we took a spot by the main stage. With the sun setting and Santigold’s bawdy funk-pop bellowing, the atmosphere was friendly and zealous. All that was left to do was relax and take in the wonderful Mogwai and the purple skies.

On the whole this hip, friendly event fulfilled its reputation of great acclaim for its alternative cutting edge acts and Djs, making it the ultimate 1 day festival. All the organisers need to do now is control the weather...

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