Monday, 27 September 2010

Chromeo – Business Casual

Release Date: 27th September

It really is Business as Casual for this retro synth-pop duo from Montreal. This is their first album to be released under Atlantic Records and the follow up to Fancy Footwork (2007). Cassius member and Phoenix producer Phillippe Zdar is back again on the mixing desk providing the same well polished slick sound that was prevalent in their previous album and Beyonce’s younger sister Solange even lends her vocals on When The Night Falls. Dave 1 and P-Thuggs' latest album doesn’t offer anything new in terms of direction for Chromeo in fact it pretty much picks up where Fancy Footwork left off. Their signature use of vocoders and bouncing synth lines, and their shameless embrace of 80s nostalgia and feel good cheese are all still here which certainly isn’t a bad thing, especially for Chromeo fans.

The Business Casual UK Tour starts November, tickets available here