Monday, 7 February 2011

Run for shelter!

Last week I put on my grandmothers tea dress, styled my hair in victory rolls, drew on my stockings and prepared myself for a step back in time to 1940s London. The bi-monthly Blitz Party was set in an old victorian warehouse of the trendy Village Underground, Shoreditch, with its exposed brick work and high ceilings, an ideal location for 1940s London. The venue looked like the set of a WWII movie, complete with sandbags, searchlights, blackout curtains and oil lamps, set to relive the spirit of the Blitz.

As I entered it instantly felt like I had wondered into a hidden world of wartime glamour. Hundreds crowded in beneath the bricked arches of the East End, sporting an array of splendid costumes that both amused and intrigued. Ladies head to toe in vintage dress, land girl get-ups and nurses outfits topped off with a forties rouge pout. The gents looked dashing, some in their military uniforms, others donning flat cap and braces combos, all waving their union jacks with pride.
London's finest swing bands, performers and DJ's took to the stage and brought the night alive with retro sounds from a bygone era. Couples twirled across the floor showing off their most impressive jive and lindy hop moves.

Ration books replaced drink menus at the Spitfire bar where they served authentic kentish ale and a vast selection of gin cocktails.

Home made scotch eggs and doorstep sandwiches were on sale for those hungry soldiers. A nice gent in military gear handed us a block of mild cheddar, which went down a treat!

I would definitely recommend to all those looking for a unique night out in London, and want something different from the usual generic bar or club. For more details on upcoming events click here. Hopefully see you at next The Blitz Party for another night of wartime revelry and forties glamour.

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